Here is a quick update on playground zones. After much debate at the last City Council meeting we passed the following motion to address most of the major concerns that we heard on the topic:

  1. That Administration provide a report that brings back bylaw amendments to remove the playground zones from the locations listed in Attachment 2 of the revised report and add or subtract any other locations identified by Councillors for and in their wards, and come back to a non stat hearing at committee.
  2. That Administration report back on existing practice and how it would approach establishing roadway controls design criteria that lead to intuitive driving practices, and that avoid a proliferation of signs and other distractions.
  3. That Administration develop a mechanism whereby residents can request a review of a particular road to either establish a new playground zone, or have an existing playground zone modified or removed;
  4. That Administration report back on adopting the “Alberta Transportation Guideline for Schools and Playground Zones and Areas” criteria regarding the establishment of playground areas and evaluate all zones against this criteria.
  5. That Administration bring a report outlining options or recommendations for variable seasonal times for playground zones based on operational data.

and provide a report back on Parts 1 to 4 with due date of August 14, 2018, Urban Planning Committee meeting and Part 5 with a due date of Second Quarter 2019.

Here is the list of the playground zones which are under review as per the first part of the motion:

No Play Equipment

  1. Airways Park
  2. Coronation Park
  3. La Perle Soccer Fields
  4. The Hamptons Park
  5. Genesis Early Learning Centre
  6. Wagner High School-Already removed
  7. Gallagher Park
  8. Austin O’brien High School
  9. Old Scona Academic School
  10. Sports field on 36 St from 115 Avenue to 117 Avenue
  11. John Fry Park
  12. Tawa Park
  13. Constable Dan Woodall Park
  14. Sports Field on 3 St from 65 Avenue to 67 Avenue
  15. Grand Trunk Soccer Field
  16. Sports field at Edmonton Christian Community Church
  17. Sports field at Excel Society Balwin Villa
  18. Bearspaw Park
  19. Diamond Park
  20. John Fry Park
  21. Kaskitayo Park
  22. Ecole Maurice Lavallee
  23. Sports field Donald Ross School
  24. Sports field Strathcona School
  25. Argyl Park 26. Frank Victor Burton Field

Industrial Playgrounds

  1. John Fry Park
  2. Norwester Park
  3. Sports Field on 3 St from 65 Avenue to 67 Avenue

Multi Lane Collectors

  1. Michaels Park (76 Street)
  2. Elsinore Chambery Park (176 Avenue)
  3. Ramsay Park (Riverbend Road)

Extra Wide Collectors

  1. Ermineskin Park
  2. Kaskitayo Park
  3. Canon Ridge Park
  4. Skyrattler Park
  5. Ellerslie Crossing Playground & Splash Park
  6. Playground on Wanyandi Road from Wilkin Road to Wakina Drive
  7. Playground at Hayes Ridge Boulevard and Hainstock Way
  8. Secord Park
  9. Glastonbury Park

I understand this list does not cover every single playground zone that may need review – some locations may need to be adjusted due to other considerations not highlighted in these areas. That is why in part 3 we asked for a mechanism that you, the people who live in these communities, can use to engage and ask our Administration to reconsider a playground zone.

With these adjustments to how playground zones are defined I hope to get to a point where the speed largely makes sense with the area it is located in – where going 50 km/h is actually putting people at a reasonable increased risk of harm.

I thank all of you who have reached out to me or my office during this process with your thoughts on how we can refine our approach to traffic safety. In August we will be back in Council for discussions and shortly after you will begin to see the removal of playground zones from some of these bigger problem areas.

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