The Public: Driving Innovation into the Core

Today, Executive Committee approved funding for The Public, an innovative food incubation hub that will enrich the downtown core by providing space for local kitchens, an opportunity for entrepreneurship, and resources for burgeoning food businesses. 

The Public meets our City Goals and drives local business to the core, utilizing and revitalizing a 70-year-old brick warehouse in Central Macdougall. The hub will provide resources and supports to develop small food businesses and give them space to grow through providing kitchen space, equipment, food development coaching, marketing, access to retailers, and more. It’s a very exciting opportunity for our core, our business community, and Edmonton as a whole.

The Public occupies a vacancy in infrastructure in Edmonton by creating a space that brings in local kitchens, business opportunities, and more into Edmonton’s core. This is a sector that is thriving, growing rapidly, and is an asset for our city.  For now, we approved $600,000 to fund the development of 10 commercial kitchens, with 5 to be added in the future, and construction will begin in a month or so with a projected completion date of October 2019. 

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