Century Park – Park and Ride Updates

With more changes coming to the Century Park station Park & Ride, I wanted to outline some of what’s happening and the options put forth as the stalls shift from City management to ProCura Real Estate Services; ParkProCura.

As of March 1, 2019, the City will be releasing 454 parking stalls in the lot to the developer, ProCura, whose parking will be managed by ProCura Real Estate Services; ParkProcura. The agreement in place allows parking to be shifted from city control to developer control as development progresses. The City will continue to manage the 390 stalls in the free parking area, while all paid stalls are taken over by Procura Real Estate Services; ParkProcura. This change means that some Park and Ride customers will have to re-apply for a monthly permit through ParkProcura at park@procura.ca. The total number of Park & Ride stalls is still 1,260. 390 stalls remain free for riders, on a first come-first served basis. The 870 leftover stalls are for monthly permit holders now managed entirely by ParkProcura.

Customers are encouraged to explore their options by calling ParkProcura to secure a paid stall, taking a bus to the LRT station when possible, or consider other transit lots if they are close to home – there is express bus service from Lewis Farms transit centre (87 Ave. west of Anthony Henday Dr.) or the Davies Lot (86 St. & 61 Ave.).

I’ve always supported a permanent parking solution at Century Park, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having a long-term solution for commuters – if we want people to use our Transit system, we need to make it useable, rideable, and accessible for Edmontonians. Edmonton is growing – we’re planning for an extra million people in the next 30-50 years – and as we grow, transit becomes more and more crucial. We’re actively pursuing more people, more transit, and more densification, and we need to focus on development in places like Century Park, because our growth needs to align with good transit and development that makes Edmonton a more liveable city.

There are, admittedly, going to be some growing pains as we iron out some kinks in the parking model, and as we continue to expand our transit system.

In the future, there a few options available moving forward. Here’s what’s happening at Century Park in the long-term:

  • If ProCura obtains another permit before the lease is up, they could gain another 90 stalls from the City. This lease, outlining the max zoning allowance, expires at the end of March 2020.
  • The maximum amount of allowed stalls stays the same from 2020, after lease expiry, to 2025 – so there shouldn’t be any changes in that regard.
  • If development on the site isn’t completed by 2025, ProCura will need to get zoning allowance to continue managing parking stalls. However under the current zoning, they are required to operate parking until 2025.

The City’s Transit team and ProCura Real Estate Services; ParkProcura, are doing what they can to ensure there are minimal disruptions, and they’re available to contact for any questions or concerns via email, visiting their websiteor calling (780) 414-8888.

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